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Epoch PPVE ONLY Server

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Safe zone trader at Komarovo is kicking me instantly and upon restart "Include file z\addons\dayz_code\system\mission\description.sqf not found" error comes up. Only getting fixed with a PC restart and then the process repeats.

Also get "Warning: preNLOD format in object ca\data\flag_usa_co.paa" crash error at times when I do get in.

EDIT: Looks like all safezones are affected.
Posted Nov 19, 13 · OP · Last edited Nov 19, 13 by Not A VIKI...
I had some troubles getting the mission to load, rebooted server, was able to get in, tested various trader/safezones, things seem to work. Got messages that weapons were disabled/enabled so it appears the sensors are working. However, I can see how having weapons disabled in safezones can be a problem, especially if you have AI close and shooting at you while in them (Stary zone)
Posted Nov 19, 13
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